Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Einstein Analytics: Default Widget Style and Transparent Widget

Default Widget Style
When you drag a new widget into dashboard designer, in many times we need to change the widget style, from: background color, border, border color, border width, border radius. You also need to make sure to have a consistent style across the widgets. It is not an issue if you have only a few widgets, but when you have more and more widgets, this manual setting takes time and you may choose the wrong color or style.

Make use of Default style
When you expand Widget Style property, the 1st option and it is ticked by default is "Use defaults".

When this option is selected, all properties defined for Widget Style will be ignored.

Defined Default Widget Style
From Dashboard Properties (click  ... icon at top right)

Then you will found "Widget Default Properties", so configure the background color, border, border color, border width, border radius here.

So when you drag a new widget, the style will be applied, if not, make sure "Use default" is selected. If you change the default style from dashboard properties, all the existing widget will be adjusted to the new style.

Layout Properties
Just to make it clear, dashboard properties is not the same with layout properties, even both applied to the whole pages (if you have multiple pages in the dashboard). You can set layout properties by clicking gear icon with layout name (by default is called "Default"), at the top left of dashboard designer.

In layout properties, you can define:
- Name
- Number of Columns
- Row Height
- Cell Spacing: Horizontal and Vertical
- Max Dashboard Width
- Background Color: Grid and Gutter

Transparent Widget 
Transparent widget means, no background color for the widget, it will follow layout properties grid color. You can define the transparent background color as default widget style or to for independent widget.

For default widget style, from dashboard properties, click the background color, then select Custom scroll the bar to the left

You can implement the same for an individual widget, just make sure "Use defaults" is not selected. You can compare the following 2 widgets below, the upper one with transparent background, and the lower one with white background.

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