Monday, February 21, 2022

Salesforce: Opportunity Split Query

This is the continuation of the previous blog Forecast and Opportunity Split, in this blog, we will share more on Opportunity Split records.

SELECT Id, OpportunityId, SplitOwnerId, SplitOwner.Name, CurrencyIsoCode, SplitAmount, Opportunity.CloseDate FROM OpportunitySplit WHERE SplitAmount <> 0 AND Opportunity.ForecastCategory = 'Closed' AND SplitTypeId = '1492v0000008opLAAQ' AND Opportunity.CloseDate > 2019-06-30 AND Opportunity.CloseDate < 2019-10-01 ORDER BY Opportunity.CloseDate DESC 

  • The number of rows here is based on the number of split records that fit the criteria, so there is no summarized calculation as in ForecastingItem
  • The currency can be different based on the currency defined for the opportunity
  • The Split Amount is not roll-up to the manager.

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