Friday, June 25, 2021

Increase your Salesforce users Productivity with Quick Text

Say goodbye to copy and paste! Use quick text for common notes, phrases, and messages. Quick text is supported in email, chat, notes, Knowledge, and more!

Quick Text is something simple but pretty useful if your users, such as agents, support, or inside sales frequently send or reply to emails using a standard message. You can also enable folders for quick text, so the quick text created can be shared within a team to use the same template. If folders are not enabled, the quick text will be just for personal usage.

Enable Quick Text

Go to the Setup menu, and search for Quick Text Settings, then enable it. Optionally, you can enable "Share and organize quick text in folders" to grant users access to the folder based on Users, Roles, and Public Groups (similar to the report folder). 

Once you enable group in quick text, you need to add the folder field into the Quick Text page layout.

Where can use Quick Text?

Quick Text in sending Email

Quick Text in New/Edit Task

If you have the Inbox license, you can use Quick Text when composing a new email from Outlook, it called Text Shortcuts.


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