Tuesday, June 7, 2022

CRM Analytics: Dashboard URL

CRM Analytics Dashboard URL Id starts with prefix 0FK, which is shared between dashboard and lens. We can share the dashboard with users in Analytics Studio or Analytics tab, although ideally, Analytics Studio is intended for the dashboard builder. The Analytics tab will let users stay in the Lightning app.

When working on a dashboard in Analytics Studio, we will see the URL, for example:

If we share the above URL with a user, the dashboard will be opened in Analytics Studio.

If we only put the Id after such as
this will be translated to
which will open the dashboard in the Analytics tab

while a lens will be translated similarly, with the difference in the assetType parameter, such as
this will open the lens in the Analytics too

There is another option to open the dashboard in the Analytics tab
this will be translated as

Clicking the Share button in the dashboard will give us 2 options, and the difference is only at the last parameter which is "analyticsContext"

Analytics Tab

Analytics Studio

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