Friday, July 16, 2021

Tableau CRM: Using Multi Value (1)

We discussed Multi-Select Value to Text two years ago. To get a field with multi-value:

  • source field in SFDC is picklist (multi select)
  • use augment node in dataflow, where child object as the right source

In this blog, we have another use scenario of using multi-select values related to the Filter/List and Table widget. This blog is only applicable for multivalue fields originated from Salesforce as picklist (multi-select).

Using multi-value field in a Filter or List widget
It is great to use a multi-value field as a filter or list widget, it will show you unique values of each, instead of combined the values with a delimiter.

multivalue in Filter

multivalue in List

Using multi-value field in Table widget
However, it does not looks good when you add that field in a table, it will only show you the 1st values, instead of all values for that field.

select Singapore, but show Indonesia, because Indonesia is the 1st value

The need, to show all values in the table, however, the filter only shows one unique value. 

Multi-value field limitation
We cannot use the multivalue field in the computeExpression node, so we cannot "clone" the field.

Solution use Dataflow
1. In sfdcDigest node, convert the field not as multivalue by adding "isMultiValue": false

2. In the computeExpression node, clone the text field (as per 1), so now we have a cloned multivalue field in the non-multivalue format.

3. Convert the clone field back as a multivalue field. Download the JSON file, edit the file and add with below parameters in the computeExpression node
"isMultiValue": true,
"multiValueSeparator": ";"

4. Upload back the JSON file updated

  • Branch_Multi is the new field created from computeExpression which now is a multivalue field.
  • Branch__c is the original field from sfdcDigest, where we "force" this as a non-multivalue field in sfdcDigest node.

Here is the result

select Singapore from List/Filter, but the table shows all values


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