Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Einstein Analytics: Multi-Select Picklist to Text

As per Summer '18 release, Einstein Analytics is not really friendly with Multi-Select Picklist field. One of the issues, when you have multi-values in a record, it will show only the 1st value when you show the data as Value Table in Lense or Table wizard in a Dashboard.

Service Type contains multi-values in Salesforce

Service Type only show the 1st value in EA

As per this document, we can customize JSON dataflow to treat multi-select values as text. Once, you have the dataflow built:

  • Download the JSON file
  • Edit the file and add ,"isMultiValue": false after the field name and save it (you should backup the original JSON file)
  • Upload back the edited JSON file to Dataflow

Here is the result the multi-select values show as text in Einstein Analytics

Note: if you do not update the JSON dataflow as above, the data will flow into EA as multi-values, and it will work if you use it as list filter as an independent value, but the record selection will work as if the multi-values for the record.

ReferenceLimitations of Multi-Value Fields in Einstein Analytics