Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Salesforce: Notes and Attachments

Notes and Attachments is not a new thing in Salesforce. I also do not see any enhancements in last few Salesforce release. But, for some users, Notes and Attachments still a nice feature and frequently used.

Here a few facts on Notes and Attachments good to remember:
  1. It is not possible to report on the Notes and Attachments related list.
  2. The Notes & Attachments can be exported directly via the API.
  3. It is possible to access your Notes & Attachments data by requesting a full data export of your organization's data. 
  4. The only way to get the attachment on a Salesforce email to Attachment is to download the attachment to your local machine, then manually added as an Attachment from the local machine location.
  5. Notes and attachments marked as Private via the Private checkbox are accessible only to the person who attached them, Administrators and users with View All Data permission.
  6. You must have “Read/Write” access to parent record to be able to add Notes or Attachments to the record.
  7. You also need to have “Read/Write” access permission to parent record to be able to edit or delete Notes or Attachments.
  8. You can write Apex trigger for Notes & Attachments using Force.IDE
Special thanks to Jason Lawrence for the input of Feed Attachment, so if you attach File to Chatter Feed in an Account or Opportunity, it will show as well in Notes & Attachments as Feed Attachment.

Have a nice day!


  1. so to be clear if you mark it public all anyone on the orgs SF can access

    1. Suzi, there is no option to mark as "Public", only Private. So, if Private is not checked, all user have read access to the Note parent record, example: Opportunity can see the Note.


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