Sunday, December 29, 2013

Salesforce: Dashboard with four-column table

Table is one of the component type available for dashboard. By default, tables show only two columns of data, but you can modify it up to 4 columns of data.

You can also personalize the table and show users’ Chatter photos as long as the table doesn’t have more than 20 rows.

Here are few items to note in customizing table columns:
  1. Make sure the source report is in matrix or summary format 
  2. Make sure the source report contains a chart
  3. Fields available to use in the table depends on the fields picked in the chart of source report 
  4. The chart in source report must contain groupings and at least one summary
  5. The first grouping in the report (not in chart) becomes the first column of the table.
  6. Use vertical bar chart in the report to make more fields available for the table.
  7. Click Customize table in table to add more columns (default only 2)

Sample 1

Sample 2

1. Customized tables will allow null values in the results. The Default two-column tables do not.
2. You can have the following combinations:
     2 grouped fields and 1 number
     2 grouped fields and 2 numbers
     1 grouped field and 2 numbers
     1 grouped field and 3 numbers. (Although we can do one grouping and three summaries, not all the summaries may be added. We cannot set different data type.)
     Not have 3 grouped fields and 1 number
3. Can’t sort by 2nd groupings


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