Friday, December 27, 2013

Salesforce: NO Email Alert action for Task & Event workflow


Normally, in Salesforce workflow, we can add action:
  • Create Task
  • Send Email Alert
  • Field Update
  • Send Outbound Message
But, if you realize (until release Summer '14 release) for workflow object Event and Task, there is NO Email Alert option for action.

Here is normal action for workflow:

And this screenshot on Event or Task, notice that "New Email Alert" is not there.

This limitation has aware for quite long time, and someone has posted this in IdeaExchange, you are please to vote from here (currently it have 2670 points for this idea).


1. Create Workflow + New Task action 
This option may not be a nice, it will create another new task just to email user when Workflow on Task or Event triggered. You need to tick Notify Assignee in the task for Workflow.

2. Use AppExchange product - iTools Delegated Tasks Management
This is not a free product -

3. Write Apex Trigger
Here a sample code for this.

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