Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Salesforce: on behalf of

When you send email from Salesforce, for recipient open the email sent with Microsoft Outlook, the may see the sender as on behalf of Sender FirstName LastName <> rather than your name and your email address.

But, when recipient hit reply in Microsoft Outlook, it will point the email to "the right email address" of the sender, not to

When recipient open the same email not with Microsoft Outlook, example: using, the sender " on behalf of" is not there. Salesforce is not adding that into the email, that is caused by the email client, which is specific to Microsoft Outlook. Below is screenshot from other email client:

To remove " on behalf of" follow these steps:
  • Click on Setup | Email Administration | Deliverability 
  • Locate the Email Security Compliance section
  • Unselect the Enable Sender ID compliance box 
  • Click Save button

The emails you send will no longer include the " on behalf of".

This is how it looks when open from other email client (such as:, notice there are no differences before and after we change Sender Id compliance.



  1. how to revert back this change? As I checked again the 'Sender Id Compliance' but still I am not getting my previous setting back ie. Now I need on behalf of.

    1. I just tried to untick and it works for me, no more
      You may check with Salesforce support


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