Saturday, August 22, 2015

Salesforce: Multi Currencies Setup

So your company is expanding to multiple countries, good that company is growing. Since Salesforce is your company CRM tool, it is a cloud based application and accessible from anywhere with internet connection. Branch setup in new countries should have no issue to use Salesforce.

Wait a minute, other countries mean that your sales rep will sell in different currencies. It would be ideal that the pipeline should use the original currency, and head quarter able to report in the corporate currency with conversion rate defined.

Great news that Salesforce support multi currencies out of the box. You can defined many currencies as needed, setup corporate currency, conversion rate (including dated exchange rate), show converted currency in the reporting and in the pipeline detail.

Here a few steps to enable multi currencies:

1. Activate
Navigate to SetupCompany ProfileCompany Information, check on Allow Support to Activate Multiple Currencies. Then, contact Salesforce Support to enable multi currencies for your organization.

2. Add Currency
Navigate to Setup | Company Profile | Manage Currencies, you should see this menu only after multi currencies is enabled for your organization.

3. Dated Exchange Rate (Optional)
This will allow you to manage dated exchange rates that map a currency conversion rate to a specific date range, there are a few app in AppExchange that support integration with real time currency rate.

Once you have setup for multi currencies done in your organization, you will notice following changes:
  • Currency field in User Detail, this would be default currency for that user when create new record.
  • Currency field in each object - (standard and custom), although as system admin can hide them from the page layout.
  • In the reporting, for each currency field, there will be additional field for the converted value.
  • In the reporting, ability to summarize and Show in the selected currency for that particular report.
  • In page layout (for both standard and custom object), if the record currency is not the same with user default currency, there will be converted currency value for currency fields.


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