Sunday, August 30, 2015

Salesforce: Adding Product to Opportunity Layout

Product is nothing new in Salesforce, it has been available in Salesforce for long long time, although there is no enhancements in last couple of release (except adding into Salesforce1 app), but it still widely used in new Salesforce implementation. Product is a special object, from layout and relation to other objects, and etc.

To add Products to Opportunity, scroll down to the Opportunity Lines related list in Opportunity page layout. At the same area, user able to choose a Price Book:
  • Product availability and List Price is based on Price Book selected 
  • Only 1 price book for each Opportunity, changing Price Book in an Opportunity will delete all existing Opportunity Lines
  • If you have multi-currencies enabled, available products will be based on Opportunity currency and Products added to the Price Book for that currency. 
This would be a simple blog to explain how to configure layout related to Product.

1. Opportunity Line Selection
When user click Add Opportunity Line button, a special page 'Opportunity Line Selection' showing available products related to the selected Price Book and Opportunity currency, where user also can search by keyword to limit products shown.

We cannot configure search functionality at upper part of this screen, but we can configure columns show for the Products at lower part.

Navigate to Setup | Customize | Opportunities Opportunity Products | Search Layouts. There will be only 1 layout here, changes made to it will affect all product search layouts. However, Product Name cannot be removed and must be the first field in the layout. 

2. Add Opportunity Line
User click checkboxes next to the product in screenshot above to select the product, then click Select button, system will bring you to 'Add Opportunity Line' page. All selected products in previous screen will be shown here, where user need to enter additional information for each product line. We can customize columns and make it as mandatory fields.

To customize columns shown in Add Opportunity Line, navigate to Setup | Customize | Opportunities | Opportunity Products | Page Layouts | Edit Multi-Line Layout. Fields available in Edit Multi-Line Layout is based on field added into Opportunity Product Page Layout, this mean you will not see the field in Multi-Line layout if that field is not added into Opportunity Product Page Layout. The same for mandatory fields, if the field is set as mandatory in Opportunity Product Page Layout, it will be mandatory as well in Edit Multi-Line Layout.

The same layout will be used when user click Edit All button in Opportunity Lines related list.

By default, Sales Price and Quantity is mandatory fields and cannot be removed from page layout, but if your organization do not use quantity, example: for company selling Service instead of Product, you can reach Salesforce support to request to make it as not mandatory in page layout, see this article How can I make Sales Price or Quantity 'optional' on an Opportunity line item?

As admin, you can lock the Sales Price to read-only for users, so Sales Price will always the same with List Price defined in the Price Book, but users still can give Discount (if the field added to the layout). To configure this, navigate to user Profile and disable Edit Opportunity Product Sales Price permission in General User Permissions section.


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