Monday, November 23, 2015

Salesforce: Cannot edit Dashboard

This blog only applicable for Salesforce org have "enable access levels for sharing report and dashboard folders", which is enhanced version of the report/dashboard folder sharing.

Recently we have a super user not able to edit a dashboard (Edit button is not visible for the user), although user have View All Data and Manage Dashboards in Public Folders permissions, and user also have Editor access to the dashboard folder. Enable Manage Dashboards in Public Folders permissions will auto enable following permissions:
  • Create Dashboard Folders 
  • View Dashboards in Public Folders
  • Edit My Dashboards

After thorough finding, the dashboard is a dynamic dashboard created by other super users, so user is
in the same role hierarchy. The super user also already have Manage Dynamic Dashboards permission.

Latest finding, it is caused by View My Team's Dashboards permission is not enable for the user. To investigate why a user not able to edit a dashboard in organizations using enhanced folder sharing. Users can edit some dashboard details and save the changes as the current running user of the dashboard. They will be restricted to which details they can modify if they are not the running user of the dashboard. To ensure complete access, the profile permission View All Data must also be granted.

Items below when user do not able to edit a dashboard:
1. The user must be Editor or Manager access to the dashboard's folder
2. The user must have the following permissions:
  • Run Reports
  • Create and Customize Dashboards
  • Manage Dashboards in Public Folders
  • Manage Dynamic Dashboards is requested to edit Dynamic Dashboards
  • View My Team's Dashboards is requested to edit Dynamic Dashboards


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