Sunday, November 8, 2015

Salesforce: Email Status

This would be our 3rd series of blog related with Email in Salesforce, start with Mass Email in 1st blog, and Bounce Email in the 2nd blog.

Many times as Salesforce admin, we get questions from user if they can trace if email status sent from Salesforce. Using marketing automation tool such as Pardot, Eloqua, etc the answer is definitely yes, buthow about using default Salesforce email tool? The answer is Yes, but only for email sent using HTML format, but not for email in Text only format. It applicable for email send manually from Salesforce and also applicable for Mass Email sent from Salesforce.

You may need to confirm that Enable Email Tracking has been enabled in Activity Setting, navigate to Setup | Customize | Activities | Activity Settings, select Enable Email Tracking.

Vote this idea to get email status for text email - (100 points at this moment).

After sending an HTML email, you can track when the email was first opened, the number of times it has been opened, and the date it was most recently opened.

To see email status in Lead or Contact page layout, make sure you add related list called HTML Email Status to the page layout.

Once added, open the Contact or Lead, and scroll down to HTML Email Status.

In this panel, you will see information on all HTML email sent (again Text only email will be not listed here):
  • Email Subject
  • Date Sent date / time
  • Date Open date / time
  • Number of times opened
  • Last Opened date / time

You also can run a report with report type HTML Email Status. But only for users who sent the HTML email able to generate the HTML Status report. If other user run the report, the HTML Email Status report will not include email not sent by them, even the user is a System Administrator.

In this report you will see both email sent to Lead and Contact in one report, information in this report will include the Contact and Lead name, Email address, Email Template used (if any), if the email has been opened, and all Email Status information available in page layout related list.


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