Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Salesforce: Auto Add User to Chatter Group with Quick Action

In previous blog, we explain step by step on how to configure Process Builder with Auto-launched Flow to auto add user to a Chatter Group upon user creation or re-activation. It's pretty complex as you need to configure a workflow with Time-Dependent Action, continue with Flow, then Process Builder.

There is another option to auto add user to chatter group (not include using apex Trigger), which is using Process Builder with Quick Action, which is much more simpler compare to using time-dependent action workflow and Flow.

Here is the steps:
1. Create Process Builder
2. Select an object
3. Define the Criteria
4. In Immediate Actions, select Quick Actions
5. Enter Action Name
6. Filter Search By Type | Create a Record | NewGroupMember (once selected it will become CollaborationGroup.NewGroupMember)

7. You need to provide 2 variables for the quick actions:
  • Related Record ID = Chatter Group Id
  • Member Id reference to [User].Id

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