Thursday, January 21, 2016

Chatter Post visibility

As a Chatter user, have you ever wonder where your post will be visible and by who? Table below explains where your post appears and who can see it.

If you post to...
Who can see it?
Where does it appear?
Why would you post there?
Your profile
- Your profile
- In the Chatter feed of anyone who follows you
Provide general status updates, thoughts, or ideas, share relevant and interesting articles or links
Use your personal feed to share work-related information. People can choose to follow or unfollow you on a whim. They don't receive email notifications for your posts, so there's never a guarantee as to who sees your post.
Coworker’s profile
- Your profile
- Your coworker’s profile
- In the Chatter feed of anyone who follows your coworker
Specifically direct a question to that coworker and potentially gain insight from followers
Post to someone’s profile if your followers may not be interested. When you post on their profile, they receive an email notification.
Public Chatter group
- The group’s feed
- In the Chatter feed of every group member
- Ask a question, post a file, or share information specifically relevant to that group
- Get feedback and insight from group members
Your broadest and most relevant audience is in topically relevant groups, including people you may not even know. Use groups to ask questions, request feedback, share topical updates, and broadcast important information.
Private Chatter group
Group members only
Unlisted Chatter group
Group members only
Salesforce record (account, opportunity, case, ...)
Anyone with access to that record
- The record’s feed
- In the Chatter feed of anyone who follows the record
- Update information that is specifically relevant to that record
- @Mention a colleague for additional support
- Share a relevant file or link
Rather than emailing a coworker with a question about a Salesforce record, use an @mention on the record's Chatter feed with your question. This takes the work out of contextualizing the email information, and sends an email notification, too. However, the coworker must have permissions to access the object record to see your @mention.


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