Saturday, March 3, 2018

Salesforce: Out of Office

Salesforce introduces Out of Office feature in Chatter since Winter '18 release, but this is available only in Lightning. This is pretty similar when you set out of office message in email, but this is within Salesforce platform.

This feature needs to be enabled from Setup menu, looks for Chatter Settings, scroll down to Out of Office section, then enable Users can set Out of Office messages.

Once this enabled, all users can go to their Chatter profile, by clicking their icon in the top right area, then click their name, to enable and set their Out of Office Start Date, End Date, and custom Message.

click icon -- name

set Out of Office

Once the message set, within the start and end date, message display prominently next to the user name in Chatter.

The messages will be auto removed after their end date, no need to remember to turn it off. The message also shows in many more places, such as @mention in Chatter Post, when other users hover the username in Salesforce record, and etc.

ReferenceTake a Guilt-Free Vacation with Out of Office


  1. Is is possible for a user to set this for one of their team members?

  2. Is there a way to get this information into a report?

    1. Don’t think this is available in reporting

  3. It would fantastic if this can be sewed into activity reporting. There is not much we can do with this status sitting in platform as many reps uses outlook for that purpose.

    1. agree, this just serve as a quick glance if the rep is ooo


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