Thursday, March 1, 2018

Salesforce: Account Logo

Salesforce offers Account Logo for the US-based company in Salesforce mobile app and Lightning Experience since Summer 16 (beta) and becomes GA in Winter 17 release.

This feature needs to be enabled from Setup menu, looks for Account Settings, then select Enable Account Logos.

Users will be able to remove the default logo or provide feedback on the logo. If you remove the logo, other users will no longer see it, but you can’t undo this action, so remove with care.

One more thing to note, if you already use Salesforce for sometimes before enable Account Logo feature, all existing Accounts will not have Logo, only the one created after feature action may have a logo, Salesforce support mentioned this is working as per design.

However, there is no more enhancement of this feature since Winter 17 till now, there are many things can be enhanced, such as:
- Allow user to re-add logo removed
- Allow user to replace the logo on their own
- Allow user to upload logo to any Account and Lead
- Allow system to scan all existing accounts and add the logo

If your company looking into this, I think building custom Lightning component is the option for now, and you can vote this idea Customize Account Logo and this idea Allow custom contact photos and account logos not just social profile photos.

- Get the Complete Picture with Account Logos (Generally Available)
- Enable Account Logos


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  2. Does anyone know if the automatic "Account Logo" can be referenced in an HTML Email Template or Visualforce Component (even via Apex query?)

    1. Looking for same thing. Please let me know if you got anything?


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