Monday, March 5, 2018

Salesforce: Global Actions in Salesforce mobile app

This blog is a continuation from previous blog Salesforce Global Actions in Lightning, the same Global Actions added to the page layout will appear Salesforce mobile app in Chatter and Today page.

Side note: since Oct 2017, Salesforce1 mobile app has been renamed to Salesforce.

We will use the same page layout with global actions added in the previous blog for Lightning. From below screenshot, the actions in yellow are shown in Lightning, while the actions in green are Standard Chatter actions.

Let us see how they appear in Salesforce mobile app.

Now, we see all actions in Salesforce mobile app, including Standard Chatter actions: Post, File, Link, Poll, Question, and Thanks.

All other actions are shown in Lightning also available in Salesforce mobile app. The same for New Account action, because this org. have record type for Account, this default action will not show in the mobile app too, we cannot select record type when creating a record using Action.


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