Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Einstein Analytics: Setting Initial Selection

Adding List Selector or Date Selector in Einstein Analytics is pretty simple, just a few clicks, and you will get the result. However, if you notice at the bottom of Step Properties, there is a textbox for Initial Selection, this is to set the initial value for the List when running the dashboard, but we cannot set it from the UI.

When you add a widget, by default, it will be "No Selections".

To set value for Initial Selections, edit JSON dashboard and looks for steps, add "start": with the value. Make sure the value is available in the list.

Now, back to the UI, and check the Initial Selections

Preview the dashboard and check the initial value will be the same as the value we put in JSON.

We can do the same for Date selector. Edit JSON and looks for the related step. Below sample, if you would like to set the date range with current quarter.

This is the result when you run the dashboard, as we set in JSON, initial selection will be from current quarter to current quarter, you can change it to year, month, week, or day, or also using the absolute date.

However, if you hate to edit JSON code for this you can set the initial value from UI too, click ... button next to save icon and select Pick Initial Selections, then select date selector or range selector or list selector to set the initial value, this activity will edit the same JSON at the back end.



  1. If have a list of Users. Is it possible to set the Initial Selection as the user who is viewing the dashboard?

    Thank you,

    1. check out this blog


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