Friday, May 4, 2018

Einstein Analytics: Convert DateTime field to Date field or Text field

This would be a simple tip for you that start using Einstein Analytics.

Use case: to convert DateTime field (copy from Salesforce) to Date field, or Text field in Einstein Analytics.

In this blog, I'll add new fields in Dataflow using computeExpression. We will use a DateTime field with API name: Submitted_Date_Time__c

formula: substr(Submitted_Date_Time__c,1,10)
This formula will take the first 10 characters.
Original: 2017-05-03T09:43:28.000Z --> 2017-05-03

formula: toDate(Submitted_Date_Time__c_sec_epoch)
Remember to enter "Date Format" (you need to scroll down to find it), otherwise, you can't upload the Dataflow.

Side note: toDate() is case-sensitive.



  1. Thank you. This post was just what I needed when I was really stuck.

  2. This was very helpful! However, I have records where the datetime is blank and then I end up with a false date after the conversion. Any idea how I can keep this null?

    1. you can use "case when" in the formula expression

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  4. can anyone tell me how to convert a text field to a date field in einstein dataflow ?

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  6. can anyone help me in converting a text field to date field by compute expression ?

  7. my date format coming in from Google Analytics is ga_date = yyyyMMdd.

    How do I convert a string like this that isn't recognized? I've done the standard epoch conversion but my dates don't always line up if a month has more then 30 days or less then 30. Do I then just do a case statement, where month = 2 then epoch for 28 days where month = 8 then epoch for 31 days

    ((string_to_number(substr(ga_date, 1,4))-1970)* 31556926) + ((string_to_number(substr(ga_date, 5, 2))-1)* 2629743) + ((string_to_number(substr(ga_date, 7))-1)* 86400)


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