Monday, November 12, 2018

Salesforce: Case and Lead Team Report

We discussed about Account Team Report and Opportunity Team Report more than two years ago. In this blog, we would share on Case and Lead team report.

Let us start with Case, when you check options under "Show Me" filter, here are the options:

In the samples below, we'll login as Maria Ann:

My cases: ONLY cases that you OWNED.

User owned cases: all cases owned by a user (not a queue)

Queue owned cases: all cases owned by a queue (not a user)

My case team's cases: ONLY cases where you are on the Case Team, this NOT includes where users under your role hierarchy added as Case team.

My role-based team's casesCases you OWNED & cases owned by all of your subordinates in the role hierarchy.

** this is all cases owned by Maria Ann and her subordinates.

Now, let us look at "Show Me" filter available in Lead, here are the options:

We'll not discuss again for: My leads, User owned leads, Queue own leads, and All leads, but let us see what is the result for My team's lead.

** this is all leads owned by Maria Ann and her subordinates.

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