Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Salesforce: Enhanced Email & Email Tracking

With Enhanced Email, emails sent from Salesforce are logged as Email Messages and Tasks, read this as: Salesforce create 2 records: 1 record in EmailMessage (02s) and 1 record in Task (00T). There is a field in EmailMessage point to Task called ActivityId. EmailMessage is a standard Salesforce object, and that’s how you get all of these great new email features.

Check this SOQL for the object structure:
SELECT Id, ActivityId, CreatedDate, FromName, Subject FROM EmailMessage ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC

To enable Enhanced Email, go to setup menu, search for Enhanced Email, and click Enable button. All existing email sent prior enable enhanced email will NOT change.

Let's see the different of email sent before and after enable Enhanced Email in the Past Activities panel.

yellow = before; green = after

Now let's click the email.


Unlike the Task object which is editable, Email Messages cannot be edited through the User Interface or the API.

One more thing to notice, if you have enabled Enable Email Tracking, after enabling Enhanced Email, you can track if the recipient has open the email.


You also can check when the email first and last opened.


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