Sunday, January 13, 2019

Analytics on Einstein Activity Capture using Einstein Analytics

As per this article Guidelines for Capturing Email and Events with Einstein Activity Capture, Einstein Activity Capture aren’t stored in Salesforce, so they don’t show up in standard or custom Salesforce reports. However, Einstein Activity Capture provides access to the Activities dashboard, which is built on Einstein Analytics. The Activities dashboard summarizes sales activities, including activities added with Einstein Activity Capture. This only available for Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions.

After Einstein Activity Capture is enabled, the Activities dashboard is created. If you don’t see the dashboard after 24 hours, go to the Einstein Activity Capture setting page. Turn off Einstein Activity Capture, and then turn it on again. A dataflow named Activities will be created in Einstein Analytics together with Activities dashboard, check and make sure it is scheduled.

Once the dataflow runs, it will create a dataset called Activities.

The activity data that users see in the Activities dashboard depends on whether you use role hierarchy. If you use role hierarchy, users see data for only activities that they’re involved with and that users below them in the role hierarchy own. If you don’t use role hierarchy, users see data for all activities in the dataset.

The Activities dashboard in Einstein Analytics provides a summary of sales activities that were added to Salesforce manually and by Einstein Activity Capture. By looking at Activities dashboard, we can't really differentiate or filter only activities related to Einstein Activity Capture, so let us dig further.

Here the step to filter only Einstein Activity Capture data from Activities dataset:
1. Open Activities dataset and this will create a new Lens
2. Change the Lens mode from chart to values Table mode
3. Filter by Source Id where IS NOT Equal to "core:events" and "core:tasks"

Few fields to take note from this table:
- Activity Type: the activity is Email or Event
- Account Id, Account Name: if the activity tagged to an Account
- Related Id, Related Type, Related Record: if the activity related to a specific object
- Person Id, Person Type, Customer: the person tagged to the activity
- User Id, User: internal user owned that activity



  1. Seems you need a Tableau licence to access the data set and create a lens.
    Can you export that table?
    Can you drill down to see the contents of an email activity?

    1. it does not have the detail of email activity, which is a 'limitation'
      yes, you can export the data as long as have license and permission


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