Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Einstein Analytics: using Allow disjoint schema to transform dataset

Here is the use case, we have multiple columns for each type to store value, this cause we can't really easily build a chart when the values are spread across many columns.

Solution: to transform the data source by splitting into many rows and using 1 column.


Inside computeExpression computeTYPE1 nodes:

Inside Type_TYPE1 Computed Field:
this is text, which is the field name

Inside Value_TYPE1 Computed Field:
this is numeric, which is the field value

Do the same for computeExpression Type 2 and Type 3. Then, combine all the data using append node

Once we have all the values spread across rows, use sliceDataset transformation to drop the original Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 fields.


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