Friday, April 26, 2019

Salesforce: Account Hierarchy columns & Recently Viewed columns

Can we customize the Account Hierarchy columns?

Classic - NO
This is the article and this is the idea.

Lightning - YES
Here is the article and here the steps:
  • From Setup, at the top of the page, select Object Manager.
  • In the Account object, click Hierarchy Columns and then click the New button (if this never created), or Edit link to edit existing columns.
  • You can add up to 15 columns.

Once create Hierarchy Columns, the system will auto-create a list view called Org_Account_Hierarchy in Account. The list view will have the same column as fields added to Hierarchy Columns.
You can rename this list view, but not able to change the sharing setting (this list view is visible to all users). Deleting this list view will reset the Account Hierarchy columns back to the default. Updating columns on this list view will change columns in Account Hierarchy too.

By default -- no hierarchy column setup, account hierarchies display the same columns as the Recently Viewed Accounts standard list view. However, this Recently Viewed Accounts list view columns don’t change when you customize the hierarchy columns.

Recently Viewed
In Classic, when we click a tab, such as the Accounts tab, by default it will show "Recent Accounts" with columns defined in Search Layouts - Tab

While switching to Lightning, clicking the Accounts tab will bring open the "Recently Viewed" list view (if pinned list view has not changed), list view columns in "Recently Viewed" is defined in Search Layouts > Default Layout, you can edit to change columns to display, but you can't delete, change the visibility, or rename it.
You also can change columns to display for each profile, once configured, this will overwrite columns to display from the default layout.

However, there is another list view with a similar name but include object name in Lightning, "Recently Viewed object name"e.g. Recently Viewed Accounts, we cannot configure the columns for this view (as of Summer '20 release), and are unable to delete, change the visibility, or rename it. Check out this article for more information.


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