Sunday, September 1, 2019

Salesforce: Setup Forecast Quota

1. Enable Opportunity Team

2. Enable Opportunity Split and Add Opportunity Split Type (optional)
For this blog, I am adding Overlay opportunity split type

 3. Enable Forecast, Add Forecast Type (optional), and Enable Quota

enable forecast

adding forecast type 

You may need to refresh your web browser to see the “Forecasts Quotas” tab to appear.

4. Enable user for “Allow Forecasting”
From the user detail page or Forecast Hierarchy.

user detail

forecast hierarchy

 5. Assign Quotas to Users
Make sure you select the right Forecast Type and select the right currency (if necessary)
Or use the Data Loader tool to load CSV into Forecasting Quota object

6. Set Forecast Manager for each Role Hierarchy
This is only necessary if user have subordinates as per role hierarchy, set up this from Forecast hierarchy.

7. Verify Quota

7A. Forecast Tab
Make sure to select correct Period, Forecast Type, and Currency

As mentioned in (5), we can use Data loader to load quota to Forecast Quota object. So, the same we can query from Forecast Quota object too.

SELECT Id, QuotaOwnerId, QuotaAmount, QuotaOwner.Name, ForecastingTypeId, PeriodId FROM ForecastingQuota

  • From the above query, this shows us that Quota Amount numbers are NOT roll-up from subordinates to the manager.
  • The currency here is based on currency defined when added the quota for each users.


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