Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Einstein Data Insights: Analyze Reports Data

Einstein Data Insights requires the Einstein Analytics Plus license. Einstein Data Insights analyze your report data and provide you with insights, complete with charts and explanations.

1. Enable Einstein Data Insights
From Setup, enter Einstein Data Insights in the Quick Find box. Under Einstein Data Insights, click Getting Started.

2. Grant User Access
Users need to have the standard permission set "Einstein Analytics Plus User" or "Einstein Analytics Plus Admin", or custom permission set include the "Can Run Einstein Data Insights" permission.

Analyze Report Data
1. The report must be in tabular or summary report type, matrix and joined report is not supported. If you use the summary report, make sure the "Detail Rows" are shown.
2. Report column: 2 - 50 columns.
3. Report row: 50 - 500,000 rows, even report only display 2,000 rows, einstein will analyze the whole data, not just 2,000 records shown.

Insights button
You will not see the Insights button or the button will be disabled in the report if any of the above criteria are not fulfilled, from the license, user permission, report format, number of rows and columns.

Start Analysis
You can create an analysis by:
- record occurrence
- a number field in the report

Then tell the system if you would like to Maximize or Minimize before analyzing the report, in my case, I would like to maximize Won Opportunities. You will get the analysis almost immediately, depends on the report rows result and number of columns.

Click "learn more" below each box to get the detail of the analysis. You also can click the title to get a bigger view of the analysis.

ReferenceAnalyze Reports with Einstein Data Insights

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