Sunday, September 27, 2020

Send and Log Email from Salesforce

Email is a very basic thing in our daily work, we can send emails from Google or Outlook, then manually log the email to a record Salesforce for future reference.

Email logged to Salesforce will appear as under the activities component. If we logged it against Contact, it will appear in the Account too, this is because of the special parent-child relationship between Account and Contact.

Salesforce also offers the capability to send emails directly from the platform, and the emails sent will be automatically logged to the Contact or Lead.

If you notice that email sent from Salesforce will be tracked; if the recipient opens the email, we will see when it opened. While email sent from Outlook and manually logged to Salesforce will have no such tracking information in Salesforce.

Salesforce offers the below features when sending an email:

  • Rich-text format
  • Add image
  • Add link
  • Attach file
  • Merge fields from Salesforce
  • Use email template
  • Preview email
  • Popout to dock view
  • Add signature (from user Settings >> Email >> My Email Settings), check out this and this article to add an image and link to your email signature

With the additional Inbox license, you will get additional features:

  • Availability
  • Email Tracking and Links Tracking
  • Quick Text
  • Send Later
items the red box are additional offers by Inbox

One thing to note when sending from Salesforce using standard configuration, if the recipient uses Gmail, they will see the email is sent via Salesforce.

To understand how email is stored in Salesforce, check out this blog EmailMessage object.

Note: this blog is written without Inbox and EAC configured. 



  1. When somebody responds to the emails sent out via salesforce, will those emails be auto-logged into Salesforce record? If yes, how?

    1. if that is for case, google for email to case.


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