Monday, January 11, 2021

Salesforce: Queue Email

When creating a queue in Salesforce, you will notice 2 things specific to the queue:
  1. Queue Email -- this is an email address
  2. Send Email to Members -- this is a checkbox

What is Send Email to Members?
Is this mean if this checkbox not selected, then the queue members will not receive emails? No, if this checkbox is not selected, the email will be sent to Queue Email, not to individual members anymore, but Queue Email must be populated.

What is the usage of those fields?
An email will be sent to all queue members individually (users added to the queue) if 
  • Queue Email is blank, regardless of the 'Send Email to Members' checkbox is selected or not
  • Queue Email is NOT blank, but Send Email to Members is selected.

In other words, if you have a shared mailbox or email distribution list for a queue, enter that email address to the Queue Email and make sure Send Email to Members is not selected.
The email will be sent related to:
  • manual owner assignment
  • case/lead assignment rules
  • workflow
  • process builder
  • etc.

If you need to disable email sent to individual members and also not to a specific email:
  • Do not enter dummy/fake email addresses, this can result in your Organization's email being disabled until this is corrected due to email blocklisting.
  • append .invalid at the end of the address, any emails sent to a domain ending in .invalid will be discarded by the Salesforce email agent. e.g.


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