Sunday, March 28, 2021

Salesforce: Lightning Email Template

There are 2 permissions related to the Lightning Email Template:

  1. Create Folders for Lightning Email Templates
  2. Manage Public Lightning Email Templates
Both of the permission names above are obvious on what permissions are given by enabling each of them.

Folders and Enhanced Sharing

If Folders and Enhanced Sharing for Lightning Email Templates have not been enabled, navigate to the Setup menu and search for Lightning Email Templates.

Once enabled, the email template folder and sharing access will similar to the report and dashboard folder, users with the above permissions will be able to:

  • Create folder and sub-folder to store Lightning email template
  • Share folder by user name, roles, public groups, territory
  • Share folder with access: manage, edit, view

Create Folder and Email Template

Navigate to the Email Templates tab, if you do not see it, click the 9-dots icon and type Email Templates. From here, you can create a New Email Template and New Folder. To create Sub Folder, open a folder and click the "New Folder" button, access to users in the subfolder will follow access given to the main folder.

Once the folder created, you can give the folder access to your team members, then start creating email templates. You should insert merge fields to increase your user's productivity by typing fewer words when sending email, sample:

Make sure to select the correct Related Entity Type, store it in the right folder, and make use of the merge field function.

You also can add files into the email template, when the user selects the email template, those files will be automatically added as attachments.

Additionally, users can store the email template in the Private Email Templates folder, so no other users can access or change it.

Using Email Template

In this sample, the email template created is for Case, make sure Email is added in Lighting Action on the Case page layout.

Open a case, click the Email tab, then select the email template created in the previous step.

Click the 3rd icon to insert an email template, including adding files as email attachments (1st icon), adding merge field (2nd icon), preview email (4th icon), clear and revert email template selected (5th icon), and pop out the email editor (6th icon).


  1. Thank you. I have created the email template in a form of signature. Is there any option to always use my template by default without clicking insert button every time I would like to send the email.

    1. You can build a macro, but it is essentially the same number of clicks (unfortunately).


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