Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Tableau CRM: Adding Row Number

Adding a row number would be something simple in Tableau CRM, but sometimes we just forget how to add it.

In a Compare Table

Here is the step:

1. Open the dataset in a lens or dashboard widget

2. Add "Group By" a field

3. Select the value for "Column", by default is "Count of Rows", you can change to Sum or Average or others

4. Sort the "Count of Rows" descending or ascending

5. Click the "+" button under "Count of Rows" and click Add Formula link at the top right corner of the window

6. In the new window, enter "Row Number" at the Column Header, you need to click Apply button to see the changes

7. Under "Calculation", select f(x) then "Rank Within Group"

8. Under "Function", select "Row Number"

9. Now we have Row Number in the compare table 😊

In a Values Table

This is much simpler, we just need to enable the Show Row Index Column under the "Other" parameter.

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