Saturday, July 17, 2021

Tableau CRM: Using Multi Value (2)

In the previous blog, the solution using dataflow (by adding isMultiValue and multiValueSeparator) only works if the multivalue field is originated from Salesforce as picklist (multi-select), but not for a field created by augment from parent to child object.

If you need to do the same in the scenario of augmenting from parent to child object, you need to use the mv_to_string() function, and please note this feature is still in beta (as of Summer 21 release), and there is a statement "Indexing multivalue fields can slow down dataflows", make sure you test your dataflow properly in a sandbox before turning on this feature.

ComputeExpression node does not support multi-value field, so this also means that we cannot use this feature in dataflow, but only in the dashboard.

Opportunity Text is the result of the mv_to_string('Opportunity.Name') added in the Table widget, while we maintain to use 'Opportunity.Name' field in the list or filter widget.

"query": "q = load \"Acct_Opty\";\nq = foreach q generate
mv_to_string('Opportunity.Name') as 'Opportunity Text',
'Opportunity.Name' as 'Opportunity.Name','Branch_Multi' as 'Branch_Multi',
'Branch__c' as 'Branch__c';\n\nq = order q by 'Name' asc;\nq = limit q 1000;",


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