Thursday, October 13, 2022

Salesforce Einstein Insight

Einstein Account Insight and Opportunity Insight are part of Sales Cloud Einstein. Recently, a few items from Sales Cloud Einstein are added as part of the Unlimited or Performance edition, which includes:

  • Salesforce Inbox
  • Sales Engagement (formerly High Velocity Sales)
  • Sales Cloud Einstein Included, which is: Einstein Opportunity Score, Einstein Lead Score, Einstein Forecasting, and Einstein Automated Contacts.

However, Einstein Insight is not included in the Unlimited or Performance edition. So, you still need to get the additional Sales Cloud Einstein licenses, even if you are in the Unlimited or Performance edition.

So, what is inside Sales Cloud Unlimited and Sales Cloud Einstein permission set?

Sales Cloud Unlimited permission set license
Notice that both Einstein Insights are not in the above permission set license.

Sales Cloud Einstein permission set license

Once you have the license acquired, a few steps need to be performed:

  1. Enable Einstein Account Insights
  2. Enable Einstein Opportunity Insights
  3. Assign users with the "Sales Cloud Einstein" permission set

Once the setup is completed, the system will take up to 24 hours before the initial batch of insights is available, so not all accounts and opportunities will have insights. You will see the insights as a component in the Home, Account, and Opportunity record pages.

How to see records that have Insights?

For opportunity, create a list view and add the "Top Insight" column, additionally, you also can see it from the "Einstein Opportunity Insights" tab, make sure to enable the "Einstein Opportunity Insights" tab for the profile.

For account, unfortunately, we don't have this in the list view (as per Winter 23 release), so only from the "Einstein Account Insights" tab, make sure to enable the "Einstein Account Insights" tab for the profile.

Unfortunately, you cannot run a report to export the insights, so vote for this idea. However, you can query AccountInsight and OpportunityInsight objects, sample:

SELECT Id, AccountId, Title, TrendType, Type from AccountInsight 

SELECT Id, OpportunityId, Rationale, Title, TrendType, Type from OpportunityInsight 


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