Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Salesforce: Related components

There are many components available in Lightning Page Builder related to the child object, parent, or child of the parent. Let us discuss each component here:

Related List

This component will show all "related lists" (child objects) that are added to the Classic page layout assigned. There is nothing new here; all setup is done in the Classic page layout. It will show all data from the child objects, but we cannot filter the related list based on something, such as "Open Opportunities".

The benefit of adding the child objects to the related list is, if you have the Related List Quick Links component, the child records will be automatically shown there.

Related List - Single

The idea of using this component is to show records from a child object that links to the record, instead of all child objects that are added to the related list. 

Additionally, instead of showing details of the child record, we can configure the component to show the child of the parent record. 

Example: On the Contact page, we can configure the component to show Contact Roles (which is a child object of the Contact). Or, we can also configure the component to show Assets (which is a child object of the Account).

One thing to make sure here is, the object must be added to the related list of the "parent record"object (as in the above screenshot).

Here is the option of "Parent Record" for Contact, select "Use This xxxx object" to show the child the current object; if the current object has other parents, it will show the field name here.

For the "Related List Type", the list (Basic List and Enhanced List) will only work when the component is used in the broader panel; otherwise, it will shown as a Tile.

Dynamic Related List - Single

We discussed Dynamic Related List in the previous blog; in short, this component is enhanced from Related List - Single:
  • It does not depend on the related list
  • Ability to filter only specific data, such as Open Opportunities, Open Cases, etc.
  • Show/hide action bar
  • Configure the fields, sort field and order
But because this does not depend on page layout, the object added here will not shown in the Related List Quick Links component.

However, there is a limitation of Dynamic Related List - Single, it does not support all child objects as in the "Related List - Single" component, see the difference here:

Related List - Single

Dynamic Related List - Single

As you see from the above screenshots, for the Case object, Dynamic Related List - Single does not have Email, Files, etc.

Related Record

This component allows the admin to show a set of fields from the object itself or from the parent record.

You need to create "action" for the object and set it as Update Action. When creating the action, you can select the fields to be added, set as mandatory or as read-only.

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