Thursday, March 14, 2013

Salesforce: How to check Schedule Reports report allow users to schedule reports run and deliver to their email or a group of users.

It is very simple and with just a few clicks and user can set it up.

This feature only available for user with Scheduled Reports permission enable in their user profile or user with added Permission Set contain Scheduled Reports permission.

But, there is maximum of reports can be scheduled for each organisation depend on their Salesforce edition use, from Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. For more information on the limitation, look here.

Because of this limitation, system administrator need to know all reports is scheduled. It is very take time if you would like to check each report if you have hundreds or thousands of report in your company. Salesforce profile a simple way to check scheduled reports if you are system administrator or users with permission View Setup and Configuration.

Here we go:
To see all scheduled reports for your organization, click Your Name | Setup | Monitoring | Scheduled Jobs. Please note that in that section you will see all the scheduled jobs (dashboard refresh, data export, etc). However, you can simply create a list view in order to display only jobs where Type EQUALS "Report Run".

The same way you can monitor schedule jobs for: 
  • Data Export
  • Dashboard Refresh
  • Analytic Snapshot
  • Scheduled Apex
  • Batch Job

You can add in the filter for Next Scheduled Run not equal to <blank> to show only active schedule.


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