Friday, March 22, 2013

Salesforce Report for SAML Federation Id for SSO

For organization implementing SSO for login authentication, if you get a ticket from user query that they cannot login to Salesforce via SSO. Here steps for you need to check:
  1. Make sure you are in office network (including VPN) and try to login yourself. If not working, check with your peers of SSO expert, maybe server down or some other issue.
  2. If you can login with SSO, check the user detail and make sure Federation Id is enter correctly.

It is a good practice for admin to run a report to list down all Active users with their Federation Id information. But.... we cannot find Federation Id field in available field using standard Users report type.

So how? You can create custom report type, here we go:

1. Create Custom Report Type
From Setup - Build - Create - Report Types
  • Click New Custom Report Type button
  • Select Users as Primary Object
  • Enter Label, Description and Store in Category (preferred Administrative Reports)
  • Select deployment status
  • Click Next button and Save button
To confirm, click "Edit Layout" button in Fields Available for Reports, you should see "SAML Federation Id" is there.

2. Create Report
Create normal report and select report type created in step 1 from correct report folders.
You should be able to see SAML Federation Id in available field fro report.

Cool..... ?

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