Friday, April 26, 2013

Chatter Hashtag report

On top of Chatter activity statistics and influence rank report in earlier blog (introduce in Winter 13 release). We also can run a report on usage of public hashtag (#) topics. Public hashtag topics are those used on profiles and in public groups. For privacy reasons, hashtag topic usage reports DO NOT include hashtags used on records or in private groups.

To create this report, you need to create new Custom Report and choose the Hashtag Definitions as primary object. You can select from the following fields:
• Created Date — Date the hashtag topic was created
• Hashtag Text — Text following the hashtag (#)
• Hashtag Count — Number of times the hashtag is used
• Normalized Hashtag Text — Text following the hashtag (#), without capitalization and punctuation

While for Chatter Activity report as in earlier blog, you can find following fields:
• Comment Count — Number of comments made by the parent
• Comment Received Count — Number of comments received by the parent
• Influence Raw Rank — Number indicating the parent’s influence rank, which is calculated based on the parent’s Chatteractivity statistics, relative to the other users in the organization
• Like Received Count — Number of likes received by the parent
• Parent — User name
• Post Count — Number of posts made by the parent

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