Thursday, April 11, 2013

Delete Campaign in Salesforce

Background: a user come to me that she does not see Delete button, she would like to delete a campaign created by mistake.

As usual, I check user profile and page layout:
- User Profile have Delete permission on Campaign object - checked
- Page Layout have Delete button - checked
So, what is the caused ...?

Finding.... Campaign is not the same with other objects. You need to enable Marketing User permission selected in the user detail. Once enabled and both items above checked, the user should see 'Delete' button for Campaign, the same for 'New' button to create Campaign.

From Setup | Manage Users | User | look for user | Edit | enable Marketing User | Save

Marketing User permission in user detail allows a user to manage Campaigns, users with enabled Marketing User checkbox has the right to create and manage campaigns, including:
  • Create a new campaign
  • Edit an existing campaign
  • Delete an existing campaign
  • Update campaign statistics
  • Import leads into a campaign*
  • Mass update the status for members of a campaign*
  • Configure advanced campaign setup to define member status values
  • Change the campaign member type
  • Run campaign reports across multiple campaigns
  • Add Contact and Lead to Campaign from a report using Add to Campaign

* In order to use the campaign import wizards, the user must also have the Marketing User profile (or have "Import Leads" permission).

Create permission for Campaign object will enable:
- New button in Recent item and List Views
- Clone button in Campaign Page Layout

Edit permission for Campaign object will enable:
- Edit Campaign link in Recent item
- Edit button in Campaign Page Layout
- Manage Members (with: Add Members - Search & Edit Members - Search option) in Campaign Page Layout


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