Friday, April 26, 2013

Chatter Usage and Activity Report

For organisation using Chatter, you may need and interested to know how Chatter usage in your company.

1. Chatter Usage Dashboards
This is free app from AppExchange, you can install from this link
From this dashboard you can see:
- top 10 most popular users
- top 10 most popular groups
- number of chatter groups (private vs public)
- total User feed & group feed
- top users post to group
- etc

2. Chatter Activity and Influence report
Create custom report type
Click on Setup - Create - Report Types - New Custom Report Type and choose "Chatter Activity" object. Give it a name "Chatter Activity and Influence" and store it in the folder of your choice. You can then go to the Reports Tab and find the report type you just created and click on Create.

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