Sunday, February 9, 2014

Salesforce: How to add or remove button in List View?

Have you ever wonder how to remove standard button in Salesforce, such as New button?

Or to remove other standard button such as 'Forward to Connection' button ?
Note: 'Forward to Connection' button is a Standard button if you implement Salesforce to Salesforce

Or you want to add your own custom button?

To do this actually is very simple, but since Salesforce has tons of features, we sometimes just forget this. In this blog, I'll use Contact as sample, but it is the same for all Standard and Custom objects. Here we go:
  1. Go to Setup - Customize - ContactsSearch Layouts
  2. Yeah, some of us maybe wondering why go to Search Layouts to add / remove button? But, that is how is arranged by Salesforce
  3. Click Edit link next to Contacts List View 

Just check the checkbox to make Standard button visible and uncheck to hide it, while for custom button, add it to the right column to show it. Easy?

Next, how to create your own custom button?
  1. Go to Setup - Customize - Contacts - Buttons, Links, and Actions
  2. Click New Buttons or Link button
  3. Select Display Type to List Button
You can create new button to pre-populate data in some fields, but I'll not discuss it in this blog.

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