Monday, February 24, 2014

Salesforce: Global Search Result on Custom Object

This is continuation of previous blog Salesforce Search on Custom Object and Chatter.

We have an issue in office today that some users cannot see search result from a custom object, while some other users can see the result using same keywords.

  • Object permission: user have read permission in profile and user able to open the record URL
  • Tab: should be not because other user able to search and result shown
Finally we get the caused, it is because the Tab Setting for that User Profile is Tab Hidden, while other user able to search have setting with Default Off.

Conclusion, "Tab Hidden" in Tab Setting for a profile has effect to search result, it is the same as the tab is never created for that Profile.

Since Winter '16 release (Oct 2015), Salesforce introduce "Allow Search" option for custom object, if this is not enabled, the object will be not included in search result.

SUMMARY: for user able to search result from a custom object, they should satisfy ALL items below:
  • Tab must be created for that custom object, user need to have visibility permission for that tab from Profile or Permission Set.
  • Allow Search must be enabled for that custom object.

Last update: 8 May 2016

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