Thursday, February 13, 2014

Salesforce: How to export Attachments ?

In previous blog, we discuss on how to mass upload files to Salesforce as attachment? But, can we export attachment using Data Loader? Yes, but the files exported will be in binary format in a CSV file, it is not in the original filename and format, so how?

One of the solution using File Exporter, it is a free app develop by Salesforce Lab. But, this application actually is pretty complicated, it only work with some version of Data Loader only. I cannot make it works, although has follow the steps in document.

Finally, we find a free and easy tool to export files back to the original format. It is, a product of Mulesoft, the free version already support our need. With paid version, you can: schedule more task, SFTP support, number of connections, task expiration and support.

How it works?
1. Login to with your login to Salesforce, it use SSO
2. Click "New Task" and select "Export" button
3. Select Attachment object, click Next
4. You can select just the Body field, or with some fields, or all fields
5. Click "Save & Run"
6. Wait the process

Once the task done, you can download the attachments by clicking on the task manager on the link next to the export task. This will download all of the attachments compressed into a .zip file, example: Attachment

If you select other fields on top of Body field, you will find a CSV file with the same name, example: Attachment Export-02_13_2014-13_43_08.csv, all fields selected when you in  export in will be available in this CSV file.

Note: is not Salesforce product, so your data actually will stay or pass through someone else database, please seek your IT policy.

Reference: Dealing With Attachments


  1. HI, dataloader io woll only export as much as 1,000 rows. How to deal with this when there are about 5.000 attachments to be exported?

  2. you can try

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