Friday, December 18, 2015

Salesforce: Win/Loss Ratio

Win/Loss Ratio is always interesting number for a company, by region, by country, until be area manager in a country. It can be either by opportunity quantity or by opportunity amount. In common platform, you need to hire developer to achieve this ratio, developer need to write complex coding, but with Salesforce, as admin, we can create normal report and use Custom Summary Formula with very minimal effort.

The report format need to be Summary, Matrix or Joined report. Side note: you can only add up to 5 Custom Summary Formula in a report.

Here are widely use formula in report related to Opportunity:
  • WON:SUM - number of opportunity Won
  • CLOSED:SUM - number of opportunity Closed (Won + Lost)
  • AMOUNT:SUM - total Amount of opportunity 
  • Record Count - number of record per group

1. Use Case: count Win Loss Ratio by Quantity

2. Use Case: count Win Loss Ratio by Amount

* Win / Loss here is a formula field for report display purpose - this is the formula IF(IsWon, "Win","Lost")

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