Saturday, December 26, 2015

How to log Case to Salesforce support

Two months ago (around late Oct 2015 - after Winter '16 release), Salesforce change Help and Training portal to a whole new experience. There are 4 main areas improvement in the new portal:
1. Mobile friendly: open web browser from Tablet and smart Phone.
2. My Success Hub: Dashboard, Open and Closed Cases, Training, and Contact Us.
3. Help Finder: Step by Step guided experience with answers at every corner, this is good for user to have self-service.
4. Auto complete Search: based on multiple sources, portal will auto complete and recommend question you may ask.

But, somehow for experience admins or consultants who familiar with the system, to log a case become another challenge. In earlier new version, it buried somewhere under "click here" link - explained by this article Submit, create or update a case with Salesforce Support. This week (before Christmas 2015), we see a newer version released again (2 months after initial portal released), so above article become no longer valid.

So, as of today 26 Dec 2015, here is the step by step on how to log Case to Salesforce support. After click Help & Training link at top right in

1. Click Contact Support

2. Select a Topic

3. Select a Category

4. Log a Case 
You will see Log a New Case big icon, if you do not see that icon here, it may depend on your level support or Category you choose, you may not see the icon here, continue to step 5 below.

5. Select a Question 
If you do not see the icon at step 4, click a Question (in gray cell), this will bring you to Solution tab. Look for the icon below.

If you not so happy with the new portal, feel free to vote for this idea to have easier way to log a Case, maybe from My Success Hub.


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