Friday, December 18, 2015

Salesforce: Lead Source fields

When adding new Contact or Lead to a CRM system, you would like to note how you get know to that person? That's why by default Salesforce provide standard field or Lead Source is 4 main objects below, and they are picklist fields. You can customize the values based on your organization business model.
  1. Lead - Lead Source
  2. Account - Account Source
  3. Contact - Lead Source
  4. Opportunity - Lead Source
Over the time, you may modify the lead source values accordingly, but to note that: the values of 4 fields above in 4 objects above are in sync, this mean, if you add a new Lead Source value in Lead, it will copy to other objects, the same when you edit, delete and re-order values.

When you convert a Lead to Account, Contact and Opportunity, the conversion value of Lead Source from Lead will bring to Contact and Opportunity Lead Source.


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