Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Einstein Analytics is now Tableau CRM (Spring '21 release)

In Spring '21 release, it is official that Einstein Analytics is now Tableau CRM.

Analytics Studio in Spring '21 release

Analytics Studio in Winter '21 release

As usual, in every release, there will be a lot of features introduce (including Pilot and Beta release). I will highlight a few features more interesting for me.

No love for Dataflow

Sorry dataflow fans, no new features in the dataflow in Spring '21 release. Since the previous release, the team has been concentrated on the new Data Prep. However, since Data Prep is not working well for me yet, I will stick with dataflow, until Data Prep support:

  • SAQL
  • Retrieve data from Salesforce directly (for not sync org.)

Reusable Components (Generally Available)

Reusable Components introduced in Winter '21 release as Pilot, now available as GA in Spring '21 release. With this, dashboard builder can easily reuse the same charts, tables, filters, text, and more in multiple dashboards.

Here a few more feature of the component widget:
  • Reusable Components also support multi-pages, so you can use a link widget to open a specific page of the component. 
  • You also can "refresh" and edit components from the dashboard.
  • You also can set to allow filtering and faceting between dashboard widget with widgets in the component.  

Custom Tooltips Number Widget

Instead of adding a simple tooltip, the Spring '21 release offers a full-blown feature in the number tooltip, however, users may not know that hover over the number widget will show more insight.

Notifications and Subscribe from Embedded Dashboards

This is pretty slick to let users ability to set notifications and subscribe to a widget in the dashboard embedded in a Lightning page.


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