Sunday, December 13, 2020

Salesforce: Search Result Layout by Profile

Recently I encountered that not all Salesforce admin aware that we can customize search result layout -- here means the fields in the search result. Particularly for admin that still use Classic when working in the setup menu, with the reason such as Classic much faster, or no difference in terms of setup in Classic and Lightning. 

So, if you still using Classic in setup, be aware of this, Search Result Layout by Profile is just one of the samples, you will not see "Search Layouts" which only visible in Lightning.

Compare to what you will see in the Classic setup menu

Note: Search Filter Fields in Classic setup no longer applicable in Lightning, because users can filter any fields display on the result.

However for the search result, even there is no Search Layout setup menu in Classic, users will see the same fields in the search result in Classic as the search result in Lightning. 
Below screenshots are taken from the same user with the profile of the search layout configured in Lightning. 

in Classic

in Lightning


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