Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Salesforce: Using Macro

Macro is another productive tool for Salesforce users when working with repetitive tasks, such as send an email with the same content, create a task and etc. It works for both Console or Standard Lightning app but on Desktop only. Here is the step to enable and set up macros in Lightning. 

Enable share and organize macros in folders

Go to the setup menu and enable "Share and organize macros in folders" in Macro Settings.

Go to Setup | Object Manager | Macro | Page Layout. Edit it, and add the "Folder" field on the layout

Go to Macros tab (not in setup)

  • Create folder
  • Share the folder to Users, Roles, or Public Groups


  • To view macros: Read on macros object
  • To create and edit macros: Create AND Edit on macros object
  • To run irreversible macros: "Manage Macros Users Can't Undo" permission

Utility Bar

  • Make sure the user profile has been enabled for the app
  • Add Macros in the Utility Item

Create Macro

  • Open a record of an object, such as Case, Lead, Contact, etc.
  • Click + icon or "Create Macro" button
  • Enter Name, Description, Apply To, and Folder then Save
  • Click Edit Instructions to open Macro Builder
  • On canvas, select an action such as Log a Call, Send Email, etc.
  • Click Save when done

    * Optionally, you can leave the Submit button, so the user can manually save the task populated.

Run Macro

  • Open a record
  • Click Macros in Utility Bar
  • Select a macro
  • Click "Run Macro", the Description when we entered when creating macro will be shown here.

    For governance, your user should not see the "Edit" link in nabove screenshot.

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