Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Salesforce: Default Opportunity Team

In the previous post, we discussed Default Account Team, this post would be on Default Opportunity Team. Opportunity Team defines additional users that are involved when working in an Opportunity, with or without giving extra access to the team members to that Opportunity.

Opportunity Team is pretty similar to Account Team, but there is a difference in some areas, let's see as below.

What the same?

1. Both are defined in the user detail

2. Both can add or not add extra access to users added with a team role as team members

3. Both have a list of Team Roles and share the same values

4. Both have a Default team for a user

5. Both can be set up automatically add the default team to accounts or open opportunities when the user own Account or Opportunity

6. Both can add users as the default team on existing accounts or open opportunities

7. Both can manually Add Default Team from the Account Team or Opportunity Team related list

8. One user can be added only once to the Account team and to the Opportunity team

What difference?

1. In the Account team, the user can give access to Account, Contact, Opportunity, and Case, while in the Opportunity team, only can give access to the Opportunity.

Default Account Team

Default Opportunity Team

2. You can add account team members as opportunity teams from Opportunity Team related list.

Manual add user to Account Team

Manual add user to Opportunity Team

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